Auditions – Festivals

CVMTA members have a number of exciting opportunities for their students.

Wisconsin Music Teachers Association (WMTA)

These state-wide programs allow students to earn points towards awards and sometimes cash prizes. (See the WMTA website to better understand the new tracks and levels.)

  • District Auditions: March 16, 2024 This event takes place in the spring. Students enter 2-3 pieces and take a written theory test. Points are earned to get plaques. Most students can earn a plaque within two years.
  • Regional and State Competitions:
    Students who participate in the “Regional/State Track” at the district level may qualify for advancement, earning more points and maybe even a trophy!
    • Regional Keyboard – May 11, 2024 (Eau Claire)
    • State Non-Keyboard/Vocal/Ensemble – May 11, 2023 (Stevens Point)
    • State Keyboard – May 18, 2024 (Stevens Point)
  • Competition for Young Composers: This competition offers cash prizes in addition to having adding points to the student’s total from Auditions. The deadline for this is in June. See the WMTA site for details.

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

These competitions are held on the state, regional, and national level with prizes available at each. Official rules are at

  • Junior Performance: Ages 11-14. Available for piano, strings, and woodwind.
  • Senior Performance: Ages 15-18. Available for piano solo and duet, brass, woodwind, string, and voice.
  • Young Artist: Ages 19-26. Available for piano, brass, woodwind, string, and voice.
  • Composition: Categories for ages 5-26.

National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC)

Since we are a Federated Club, our students have access to the many programs and awards offered by this well-established organization.

  • Junior Festival (in person): March 9, 2024 For this festival, students prepare two pieces to play for a judge. All students receive a certificate and points accumulate to earn gold cups (trophies). Students may enter different events to win multiple awards (e.g. piano solo, music theory, flute duet, and concerto). Students earning Superiors are eligible to attend the WFMC State Festival in May.
  • Junior Composers: This is an exciting competition open to all students through age 18. Students ages 13-18 receive a 50% scholarship to attend the Junior Composers Institute. Awards are given at state and national levels.

In addition to these, member teachers prepare their students for school-sponsored Solo & Ensemble Festivals.

For more information on any of these programs, please contact us.