Note the “double feature” in September.

2018-2019 Workshops

All workshops are held at the UW-Eau Claire Haas Fine Arts Center. Programs start at 1 p.m. Our Connections time will happen beforehand at 12:30 p.m.

September 15 – Dr. Mary Tollefson (bio)

Tenacity in Teaching

Some students have a natural ability to practice effectively and efficiently; they learn music quickly and accurately. This topic will help guide students without this natural ability and provide awareness into what’s going on that prevents successful, efficient learning.

Baroque Repertoire and Ornamentation

This presentation will provide some recommendations about studying Baroque styles before you get to J.S. Bach, including a basic understanding of the most common types of ornamentation as well as improvisational practice for those students who like to “change” what’s on the page.

November 17 – Dr. Helen Marlais (via Skype) (bio)

Fostering Artistic Personality

Through listening, voicing, rhythm, and positive pedagogy, students will be able to transcend technique and create artistic interpretations at every level.  Dr. Marlais will explain how specific physical gestures can support musical playing,  The focus will be on posture, healthy and correct body use, and weight control.  Then, the seven “touch releases” that will produce excellent technique and quality of sound will be introduced,  And lastly, 14 points to nurture musicality will be addressed.  This workshop is teacher-interactive.

January 19 – Dr. Namji Kim

Strategies to Help Injured Musicians Recover from Psychological Damages

Based on the premise that psychological recovery helps with physical healing, the presentation will focus on the mental strategies to overcome negative psychological effects that afflict injured musicians. Specific teaching methods will be introduced for students suffering from disabilities, as well as technical exercises that she has designed to prevent further injury at the keyboard. This workshop  is designed to help injured performers by demonstrating the benefits of healthy thinking patterns as well as implementing sensitive technical exercises.

March 16 – Dr. Oxana Khramova

Developing Healthy Piano Skills

Developing Healthy Piano Skills focuses on young beginners. In the workshop, she will share practical tips which are common for the Russian piano school, which promotes healthy habits of piano playing from very beginning.  This presentation will focus on the first steps of piano technique development as a foundation for further advancement, gradual skill development, selecting appropriate repertoire, and will demonstrate some practical strategies.

Other Dates

WMTA State Conference will be October 19-20 in Elkhart Lake. Information is available on the WMTA website. Please let us know at if you plan to attend and would like to share rides or accommodations. The MTNA National Conference will be in Spokane, Washington from March 16-20.

District Auditions will be on April 13, 2019. All registrations are done online at Both Keyboard and Non-Keyboard Badger will be held on May 19. The Federation Junior Festival will be held on March 9, 2019.

We will be sponsoring several recitals through the year. The Student Collaborative Recital will be October 13, the Fall Gala will be in November, and the Ragtime Recital in January. There will also be a Teacher Recital on April 27.