We will once again hold most meetings on Saturdays this year. Note the extended program in January.

2017-2018 Workshops

September 16 – Rebekah Richards

Why Johnny & Suzy Can’t Read Music (Very Well)
Creating Solid Foundations for Sight Reading at the Piano

When pianists read music, what exactly happens? How is the written page and processed by the brain? Is the process the same for a flutist or vocalist? This presentation will look at how pianists actually read music, how beginning method books help or hinder this, and how to structure lessons to develop good reading skills.

November 11 – Emily Ireland

Teaching Tomorrow’s Musicians
Building the Foundation for Musical Independence

To be lifelong music makers, students need musical independence – the ability to make music without the aid of a teacher or coach. This session will highlight

  • The nature of independent learning
  • Ways to demonstrate musical independence
  • Methods to teach these skills to beginning musicians

January 20 – Sam Ecoff

Integrating Composition into Music Lessons

As a private music teacher for over 29 years and a composer for hundreds of TV shows, Sam Ecoff has experience helping students discover the joy of composition. He has even helped many of them launch their careers as composers. During this workshop, Sam will show how to integrate composition into the private lesson which, in turn, keeps students engaged and your teaching schedule full.

March 17 – LeeAnna Rasar

Considerations When Teaching Students with Special Needs

This presentation will provide an overview of types of problems that may be encountered when teaching people with special needs along with adaptations to maximize access and success. There will also be a neurological explanation of brain organization in people with autism spectrum disorder that will give guidance on lesson planning and execution.

All workshops are Saturdays at 1 p.m. and are held in the Haas Fine Arts Center of UW-Eau Claire.

Other Dates

WMTA State Conference will be October 20-21 in Madison. Information is available on the WMTA website. Please let us know at if you plan to attend and would like to share rides or accommodations. The MTNA National Conference will be in Lake Buena Vista, Florida from March 17-21.

District Auditions will be on April 28, 2018. All registrations are done online at Both Keyboard and Non-Keyboard Badger will be held on May 19. The Federation Junior Festival date has not been announced.

We will be sponsoring several recitals through the year. The Student Collaborative Recital will be in October, the Fall Gala in January, and the Ragtime Recital in January. There will also be a Teacher Recital.